What to do in Dublin

5 of the top sites in Dublin for all of the family.

What to do in Dublin

If you want a bit of fun!


Guinness is one of Ireland’s biggest trademarks, it’s unbelievable impact on the economy and interesting history make this museum worth a visit. Not only is this Museum educational, it’s also interactive for visitors of all ages. Under 18’s enjoy feeling each ingredient that goes into this beer. Over 18’s learn how to pour a pint of Guinness the right way and earn a certificate. Lastly, enjoy your final pint with a great view of Dublin in the glass bar on the top floor.


If you have a sweet tooth!


Visit the Coco Bó Café where you can create your very own bar of chocolate with your custom ingredients. The chocolate itself is delicious and presents the opportunity to experience a variety of flavours that no one else ever has! The café also serves delicious brunch items such as soup and sandwiches to enjoy before your dessert.


If you love shopping!


Walk throughout Dublin and find amazing offers hidden amongst historically vital monuments such as the general post office and the spire. Dublin offers a range of English chains, as well as its own. Grafton street, Henry street and Stephen’s green are the places to hit for amazing deals.


If you are looking at Unis!


Visit Trinity! Located in the centre of Dublin, Trinity presents a variety of advantages as a Uni. Fees are a fraction of the price of England and it doesn’t count as a UCAS choice. Why not have a look! The university often has open exhibitions that are interactive and fun for the whole family. Not only are they fun, they are totally free!


For a bit of culture!


Pay a visit to Collin’s Barracks! This particular site was very important during the Irish revolution and has been turned into a museum. It presents a wide range of interactive activities including trying on the uniform that Irish Republicans wore. This museum presents an opportunity for some fond childhood memories and a lot of education that will stimulate people of all ages.