8 Really Unusual Museums


If you’re a frequent traveler, it might seem as if every museum looks the same, no matter what country: a countless array of boring exhibits in glass cases with captions, ending in a severely overpriced gift shop. But, believe it or not, there are actually some really unique museums out there! So here’s eight museums that certainly won’t look like anything you’ve ever seen before.


  1. MUSA, or the Underwater Museum of Art, in Cancún, Mexico

The most interesting thing about this museum is its location: you actually have to go underwater to see it! It’s pretty new, as it only started in 2009, and there are over 500 stone sculptures, made by Jason deCaires Taylor. The attraction has been made to fit in with the reef around it, and you can see this museum by taking a glass-bottomed boat to the ocean floor.


  1. The Torture Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This museum is pretty self-explanatory: it is literally filled with torture devices from the Middle Ages. The museum’s website says that it holds “over 40 instruments of punishment from different parts of Europe, from the inquisition chair to the guillotine”. It was created to remind people of the horrors of the past in order to ensure that they never happen again. This is mainly for people who can handle horror movies, in my opinion.


  1. The Museum of Bad Art in Somerville and South Weymouth, Massachusetts

This museum seems like it was created to be made fun of. The Museum of Bad Art’s official slogan is “art to bad to be ignored”, and they deliberately collect art with large problems. In fact, the first painting to be put in MOBA was actually taken from the trash! It’s one of those museums that doesn’t seem like it’d exist in real life, but turns out, it does.


  1. The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia and Los Angeles, California

This is another museum that kind of seems fake simply because of its name. I mean, why would anyone make a museum to commemorate failed relationships? However, this museum is more of a show of solidarity than anything else, as these items are donated by people in an attempt to emphasize that everyone suffers from heartbreak. The museum’s purpose, as written on their website, is to offer “the chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creativity”. It’s like a really large support group, in a way.


  1. The Bunny Museum in Altadena, California

This museum has legitimately everything rabbit related, from stuffed to ceramic to real-live bunnies. Their slogan is “the Hoppiest place in the World”, and it holds the Guiness World Record for having the most bunny-related items in one place. It now holds approximately 35,000 bunny items, but that’s not the only thing there. They also have something called the “Chamber of Hop Horrors”, which outlines the abuse of bunnies in history.


  1. The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices (The Museum of Quackery)  in St. Paul, Minnesota

This museum celebrates all the medical scams out there. The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices displays all of the “cures” for various illnesses that were either proven to be untrue or are just plain ridiculous. This includes items such as ‘weight reduction glasses’ and flashing lights that cure you of anything! The man who created this museum actually made it his life goal to uncover fraudulent medicine, and this museum is a collection of the type of objects he worked to destroy.


  1. The Gelato Museum in Bologna, Italy

If this museum doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what to say. This museum is the only one in the world dedicated solely to gelato, and they even offer lessons on how to make it! Don’t worry, though, there’s also several tasting opportunities, and professionals can take you through the whole gelato making process, from the very beginning until it’s in your hand.


  1. The Museum of Instant Ramen (The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum) in Ikeda, Japan

Yet another food-related museum, this one on instant ramen and cup of noodles. It takes you through the making of different kinds of ramen, including inside the factory, and displays every single kind of noodle package that has ever been sold. There’s also a specific tasting room to try limited edition ramens and those only sold in specific countries, so you can taste noodles from all around the world.


Despite what it seems like, not every museum has to be boring and completely educational. I think this list has proven that museums can legitimately hold anything. So next time, don’t immediately cross all museums off your list of activities. You might actually find one you enjoy.