The Hounds of Baskerville


The audience was swept away with laughter and amusement as just three actors: Max Hutchinson, Simone Kane and Shaun Chambers, performed the role of fourteen characters in the Hounds of Baskerville, a classic masterpiece originally published as a novel by Sir Conan Doyle. This theatrical performance adapted by Steven Canny and John Nicholson is a must-watch spectacle for theatre lovers and of course, Sherlock fanatics. Many amongst the audience held their stomach as the actors often cracked jokes and performed comedic acts, especially in the second part.

Although it was a play, the set almost made the scenes seem as if the audience were actually in the Baskerville household or the foggy moors. Even before the performance began, the audience was clearly awed by the stonewalls placed on the stage and later on, with the grand oak door in Baskerville. This approximately two-hour play was just the right length to keep one entertained but also to depict the story so admired throughout literature history. Sound effects were also in motion as shooting sounds matched the actor’s and definitely the eerie howl of the hounds.

As I had watched the TV series of Sherlock before, the image I had in mind for this play was completely what I was able to experience. I could probably say that it was a very different take on what was written as a detective based novel. However, the play itself was adapted very thoughtfully and gave a unique view on the Hounds of Baskerville.


In theatre since the 12th of May, the play has attracted eyes, receiving reviews on newspapers such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine and Frankfurter Rundschau. Although the show ended on the 30th of June, the English Theatre frequently holds many more plays and performances alike The Hounds of Baskerville.

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