The Backlash of Black Panther

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the Marvel movie that has spread globally and it’s a truly astounding piece of work come to life! Not everyone was as happy and positive as I was. When the movie came out in theaters in the United States Of America there was a lot of negative attitudes and reviews from certain people who thought that movie was borderline ‘racist’ as the cast of the smashing success was almost all African-American. The original Marvel comic was set in a fictional South African country called Wakanda. On the other hand, there were very proud people who showed up to the movie theater in full African dress to celebrate their heritage, despite the negative backlash the movie itself was a true success and the actors involved in this phenomenal project are certain to appear in the next Avengers movie coming out in April or May 2019. This movie did recieve backlash but don’t all masterpieces of work show some ignorant negativity? Overall, I saw the movie with a group of friends and it was everything we wanted it to be and truly the farest thing from racist! The interesting thing is that no questions would be raised if it was an all Caucasian cast, but as soon as a cast of people of color are thrown into the mix; a red flag is drawn up. However, despite controversy, despite race, despite bigotry and feminism; in a world full of labels and full of stereotypes we all as humans owe it to eachother to treat each other as equals because we all are human and we all deserve to be treated as such. Which is why this movie overall as a whole was a true blessing with a brilliant and stellar cast.