Fidget- what?

Another new internet trend taking our youth by storm yet again, that’s what.


The recent internet craze revolves (literally) around a toy marketed and often used to calm the nerves of people with autism, ADHD or generally just fidgety people, hence the name. In many cases, it’s been helpful with stress and panic relief.

If you still have no idea what exactly I’m talking about, let me enlighten you further. The mechanism is a multi-winged/-lobbed (most commonly into 3 parts) flat ball, originally released in 1933. Shockingly, the price of these devices ranges from 2$ to 1,000$.

“You don’t think that would ever happen,” he said. “It was just one of those freak accidents.”

— Shane Holtsclaw (firefighter) who recently rescued his daughter Emma

The hype has caused much controversy. Following the visit to the ER of many children due to swallowing various pieces of the gadget, Doctors now warn off fidget spinners as they may present a choking hazard. This quarter-sized piece of metal stuck in the stomach has led to the needed surgery of multiple children. As you can imagine, parents and schools are now quite touchy on the matter. Thus, in many places the toys have been banned, or restricted to children above the age of 6.

At this point though, everyone seems to have them. The 7-year-old up front of the bus, peers, now even Kim Kardashian has released her own line of them. Hers however, is named the “Daddy Money Fidget Spinner” and takes the shape of a metallic gold dollar sign.

However, it might be too late to catch onto the trend now. Google trends suggest that the craze peaked during March, the industry now on its way out, especially following the many dangerous events it has caused.

Is this the end of yet another internet trend? …Hopefully.