Why Should We Eat Tangerines?


Tangerines are one of the most famously and commonly consumed fruits in winter. They are usually peeled and eaten straightaway but are also used in salads and desserts because they contain a high level of vitamins. Some of the main healthy nutrients in tangerines are vitamin C, folate, and beta-carotene. These can be amazingly beneficial to the health of human beings in various aspects.

The rich vitamin C in tangerines stimulates the release of antioxidants in the human body, which prevents inflammation and the formation of free radicals, which can damage cells through harmful reactions in the body. The dietary fiber in tangerines also improves digestion and prevents chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. They also cure sepsis, which is an infection that can lead to wounds, swelling, and acute pain.

Tangerines are also valuable for the skin. The vitamin C from the tangerines stimulates the release of collagen and contributes to making the skin smoother. The high amount of vitamin A, which is also a major nutrient in tangerines, fosters the skin tissues to rebuild and contains anti-aging properties that prevent various skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin.

Another crucial advantage of consuming tangerines is the benefit to hair. The vitamin A in tangerines can moisturize the sebum in the scalp and fight the pollution that makes hair weaker. The high amount of vitamin B12 in tangerines promotes hair growth and reduces the possibility of hair loss along with slowing down the greying process. Vitamin C also helps our body absorb ions which allow our body and hair to get more nutrients, resulting in shiny hair.

Emotional benefits of tangerines should also be considered when consuming. Tangerine oil is a calming agent that is proven to relax our body, just like wild orange, can uplift moods and stir creativity, which increases playfulness and happiness. They are also helpful for people with the feelings of overwhelming, overworking, and depression. This would also be perfect for stressful students in the cold winter to receive more energy.

The darkness of the winter is approaching and it is the season that lowers vitamin consumption. By consuming tangerines, we are able to receive the essential vitamins for our health and experience an enhanced quality of life. By considering some of the precautions before consuming, tangerines could be the most valuable food source.