The Meaning of Life

Sometimes I ponder

The meaning of life


I went yonder

I asked my wife


Nobody told me

It didn’t suffice


I asked a bee

Its answer wasn’t precise


I need a solution

I told myself


A resolution

I kicked a shelf


Then out of the blue

Came a thought


The next day I lay in bed with the flu

And something, is what i caught

An idea that had come

To my mind


I looked at my thumb

I now come to find


That everything has meaning

Including life


Life is for enjoying

This thought came to me in my midlife


I still have hope (and need hope)

Everyone and everything does

I said nope



There are buts

In this expression

(some people have so much hope and

value in their lives that they don’t need

any more.)


What’s the meaning of life, what’s

Oh whatever, just enjoy the session


While it lasts

‘Cause there’s so much to enjoy