Swim Team 2022-23 makes FIS History


For the first time in the history of FIS, the swim team won middle school SCIS, high school SCIS and ISSTs. Additionally, 8 FIS records were broken during the season. Five were broken by Sara, two by Fabian and one by Cathrin. No one could wish for a better end of the season. 

Waking up almost every morning somewhere around 5:30 to 6:00, the FIS swim team prepares for their morning practice which takes place from 6:30 to 7:45. After which, they take the bus to school and begin their school day. Training in the morning can be hard, but Sara, who is also one of the captains, says “it is also very rewarding, I can go to swim practice, school, and then to my own club practice”. It allows the student athletes to not only go to their school training but also their club training in the afternoon or continue other sports during the season. 

“My favorite part must be the team itself”

— Carolina

The swim team comes with many misconceptions, many people believe that as an individual sport, the team spirit is lost. This is not the case with the swim team. It is a very supportive group that encourages each other to try their best. Attitude is a very important part of sports and the FIS swim team is always the loudest on the pool deck; supporting, consoling, and cheering each other on. It also has a different environment to other sports at FIS because middle schoolers and high schoolers are on the same team. This gives the athletes the opportunity to learn from each other; whether it be attitude or skills and technique.

Investing time into morning practices and having a supportive group really paid off for the swim team. They had a season like no other; everyone on the swim team got a new personal best time in at least one event. 45% of the swim team got a new best time in all the events they swam this year. Additionally, the swim team won ISSTs, middle school and high school SCIS and broke 8 school records. I think it is safe to say that everyone had a good time this year and enjoyed being part of the team.

Of course, nothing could be done without the Coach, Ms. Simon who has dedicated every morning and several weekends to coaching and supporting the swim team at swim meets. Next year, Ms. Simon hopes to defend our title as ISST and SCIS champions. She has already looked into what the team can improve and focus on in next year’s season. She says that through the new swimming program at FIS a great amount of progress has been made not only in speed but also in technique, which has been the result of hard work from coaches and swimmers alike. She is also working on extending the swim program so that more and younger students can join the swim team. Additionally, she is looking to create more opportunities for less advanced swimmers to compete. Ms. Simon has definitely cut out some work for herself and the team for next year.

I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the swim team and wish them the best of luck for next year’s season.