Someone you’ve never heard of will be Vice-President of the United States


Joe Biden is the current front runner for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 US presidential elections. However, as a front runner, an important question remains that is yet to be answered: who will Joe Biden pick for his Vice-President?

This question has been quite a hot topic recently leading to a variety of conspiracies, and there are many schools of thought. However, Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin seems to be a logical choice. Tammy Baldwin is a more unfamiliar name than other senators such as Elizabeth Warren or Mitch McConnell. A senator since 2012, she’s a self-described progressive, supporting universal health care and working to decrease income inequality through an adapted tax system but she is also very conscious of the agricultural industry that dominates Wisconsin. 

Tammy Baldwin would be a likely running mate for Joe Biden for two main reasons. 

First, Tammy Baldwin is both female and a member of the LGBTQ+ community as she was the first openly lesbian senator, which undoubtedly brings diversity into the White House. Diversity is indeed an important aspect to consider when choosing a running mate. Many often argue there have been too many ‘old white men’ in politics, thus if Joe Biden chooses a more diverse running mate, his ticket could appeal to a wider array of voters. 

Second, Tammy Baldwin is a senator of Wisconsin which is an important state in the US elections. Wisconsin is a swing state which means it’s voted both Republican and Democratic in the past and voted for Donald Trump in the past election. If Biden aims to beat the Republican incumbent, Donald Trump, Democrats are going to be looking to win swing states such as Wisconsin. If Joe Biden chooses Tammy Baldwin as his vice president he is likely going to receive the support of many Wisconsin voters and hopefully win the important swing state.

A Biden-Baldwin ticket could be a powerful combo and it may just be the key to winning the 2020 United States presidential election.