Sea Creature

I remember when I was about four years old, I went on an adventure! I saw things that are not supposed to walk on this planet amongst us. I think the adventure started when I just turned four…

“Julie!” Father cried. “Did you catch any fish yet?” I peered into the crystal clear water. “Not yet!” I shouted back. I looked into the water again. I saw the biggest fish I’ve ever seen! It had a long mint green tail that sparkled. But then I realised it wasn’t fish! Mainly because fish don’t have long silky black hair. I rushed home – forgetting all about my fishing rod and told my father about I saw. He didn’t believe me and told me that science wouldn’t allow that. I studied about the creature I saw, and realized my father was right. But I wondered “What if there isn’t any proof because I’m the only one that saw it!”

It’s a shame really, that no one believes in those creatures because they are real. I am the proof.