Review: Fenty Beauty


After 2 months of developing her collection, Rihanna has finally launched her new Fenty Beauty collection. The singer from Barbados has released a new makeup line that offers “beauty for all” through a range of products ranging from highlighters to foundations.

The new line has sent the internet into a frenzy, and for all the best reasons. Unlike other makeup brands, Fenty Beauty offers skin products in a huge range of colours, with 40+ shades of foundation alone. The diversity in Rihanna’s new collection has offered people of all skin colours the opportunity to wear makeup perfect to their skin type.

As well as coming in a huge range of colours, the foundation is said to have a perfect consistency. YouTubers such as Jeffree Star comment on its “on point” formula and creamy texture while providing full coverage. The Pro Filt’r is currently available and on sale for 34$ on the Fenty beauty store, though few shades are already out of stock due to high demand.

Match Stix, coming as highlight, contour and concealer sticks are another popular product. The hexagon sticks that magnetically attach to one another like honeycombs are praised for their packaging as well as creamy consistency. The matte, shimmer and contour skin sticks are sold separately and in packages, with popular highlights including “trophy wife” and “confetti”, one with a golden pigment and the other having a purple shine to it. Rihanna commented that she wanted to make the product “easily applicable” and light on the skin for a quick-finish look. The skin sticks are each sold separately for 25$ each, and bundles (including a highlight, concealer and contour stick) start from 54$.

Though a variety of powder highlights are on offer, the most popping one that has quickly become the trending highlight of the fall is the “Killawatt”, a cream-powder freestyle highlighter that gives a golden shine. The 34$ shimmer highlight that fits all skin tones offers a vibrant glow that has received a lot of positive reviews from critics since its release on the 7th September.

Finally, another popular Fenty product is the Full-Bodied Foundation Brush, which has come designed to matched with the Pro Filt’r foundation but is applicable to other foundations as well. The pink brush, which Rihanna has said is her “fave” brush from the collection, is designed to give a “seamless, air-touched full coverage” look, with its flat paddle of ultra-fine synthetic bristles to leave little product on the brush and instead on the face. The tool is currently being retailed for 34$, which does make it very high end on the price scale, but many argue that the investment is worth it due to the quality of the brush that makes it “long-lasting”.

So why does this collection matter?

 The new Fenty Beauty collection is more than just another makeup line launched by a celebrity. Rihanna’s new approach to makeup in making it accessible to people of all colours is a message to the rest of the makeup industry to accept and embrace diversity, to truly make “beauty for all”, as the company slogan states. For many girls that have spent years looking for products to match their skin tone, the new Fenty collection is a huge step towards making makeup more accessible to everyone.

The new line offers a variety of products that range in quality (not all of which were reviewed), but the variety of colours in the makeup is what makes it stand out from other makeup launches. The highlights and concealers I have been able to try myself have been easily applicable, generous in the amount of product given and long-lasting when applied – all products I definitely see myself repurchasing in the future. Even without Rihanna’s endorsement, I believe that the success of this line is linked to the unique nature of it.


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