My Love to Nature


The woods are mysterious and amazing,

It is a calm place and a beautiful thing

Walk on the stones, they make sounds that crunch,

And then I’ll look at flowers a bunch

Touching the moss is so fluffy,

They have hair that look so puffy

I walk to a tree and try to see,

What would this tree say to me

I hug the tree and there I stand,

I feel a connection,hand in hand

After a while I come to the well,

A calm sound it makes, to you I can tell

I hear animals and am very silent,

To them I would never be violent

I hear the birds sing together,

For me then my mood is way better

I sit on the bench and enjoy the time,

And up on the tree I climb

The wind touches the trees and now they dance,

It looks so nice when I look up and glance