Is This New Phone Worth Your Dollar?


There’s a new iPhone in town that everyone has been raving about or wanting but is it worth your dollar?

Apple has come out with yet another amazing piece of technology but according to multiple sources, this piece of machinery is taking our generation to a brand new level of mad science technology. The iPhone X is being called “the most advanced iPhone ever made” but along with that it’s also claiming the title of the most expensive phone ever made. It’s marked up for exactly $1000, but the advancement of technology could be more than you bargained for.

The new smartphone has an amazing OLED screen that has edge to edge display that some critics are calling a direct copy from past Android devices.  You’ve heard of the Touch ID for security of an iPhone but it looks like the future of technology for security is Face ID that will scan your fingerprint to unlock the phone but will also scan for your face to ensure your safety by the front face camera.  Not only is the phone high priced, but the AppleCare insurance is too. Despite the iPhone 8 already having these features, the iPhone X is accompanied by a new wireless charging feature and A11 Bionic chip. To some extent, this undermines the value and reason of the iPhone X. 

So, is the iPhone X really all that great? If you’re just looking for a mobile device, probably not. However, it seems as though this piece of phenomenal technology is the future of technological science. This further raises the question, what does the future of cell phones and Apple entail?