Sun kissed the black wings tenderly

Like a mother waving farewell,

Helicopter dozing in peace,

A sudden yell.


It’s smooth blades going round and round,

Till with a moment of utter  

And absolute attainment, it

lifts and flutters.


Two men blind to the pure beauty,

Shiny blue basin under them,

Sweet Waves splashing oh so softly

Against hued stems.


Chopping through the mild summer air,

Breaking his one record, he says.

Real, this time, Not a dream, this time,

Nothing but fizz.


No thought given to the others,

The ones that collided – lethal,

The same water; the same soft waves,

Gulped them total.


And you, so full of pride and huff,

Empty air inside of your head.

Only luster – after all – who

learns from the dead?


Something is off; something is wrong,

But all my concerns are worthless,

They are met with an iron will

serving purpose.


Faster, faster, faster, faster

I am desperate for lesser,

You are an escaped, laughing brute,

Peaking Pressure.


And abruptly, everything stops,

Still; no Gravity; no movement;  

Can’t escape, only going down,

No improvement.


Your sadistic laughter is gone,

Our faces pale, our hearts burning,

We both know what will follow this

No returning.


Water’s sweet soft moans now screaming,

Its welcoming blue growing dark,

Sharpened rocks instead of flora,

Eyes full of sparks.


We are swallowed whole by the beast,

Devoured mute screams underwater,

Until only night surrounds us.

Gurgling Slaughter.