Soft fingers brushing up against the rough and withered bark

Rich green moss sending exhilarating vibrations through our fingertips

Back when the world was a globe of sapphire and flourish

Azure eyes

Russet eyes

Leafy eyes

All Human.

We feel deep pain that cannot be comprehended

Our love burns like a wildfire in the center of our hearts

And they come together to become one


Still Humans

Our souls like birds

For when they liberate

They will fly

Fly into the darkest of the Heavens

And the brightest of Hell.


We are fragile and weak

Our bones break like brittle gnarly twigs

We have gifts according to our undying strengths.

We are beautiful but deadly

We are substantial but weak

Jealousy runs through our veins like gushing rivers

Our minds are complex and unique.


Remember how we started off?

With barely the use for our hands to grasp,

And our bodies were bare to the cold and to the heat

Remember when the sun was some mysterious god that was both a blessing and a curse?

Remember when we stepped;

Blinking into the sun?

With fresh patches of dirt on our faces

Ginger hair

Chestnut hair

Golden white hair

Ebony hair.


We’ve evolved since then

Creating joyous pleasures

Our past is intricate

Like the woven patterns of luminous threads.


We join hands in peace and love

No matter by the colors of our skin

Or the beliefs we take in mind

We fight dirty wars

And earn our battle scars

For honor and sacrifice


We are no longer innocent

And when the devil comes to collect

Will he whisk you away into the depths of Hell?

Or will you be swept away in the golden rivers of Heaven?


So predictable and and impossible

Meddlesome and careless

Lovers and haters

Quiet and loud

We are Humans

And that is all we will ever be.