Here I Sit

Here I sit

here on the beach

where once there was sand

I stand,

to look over the small mound

to see the ocean once so bright

and so clear.

I am astonished, for

what was a beautiful beach,

with water so clear,

now is a dump,

murky with dirt and grime

no life can be found,

nor could it have been found,

for the water was flushed black with oil,

and many pesticides have glided along the surface,

fast, deadly, and spreading farther

than any eye could see.

Fish float at the surface

still and unmoving.

And the beach,

a horrific site to see,

I look down to see

that what I am sitting on

is not grainy sand,

but melded and chipped plastic,

small shards of sharp glass,

and bones of the small creatures

who died because

of this terrible mess.

When I look up,

the sight is no better.

Dark clouds of smoke

fill the sky,

smothering and choking birds

flying by,

the sky is a sickly red

filled with unimaginable and deadly toxins.

I do not like this place,

with chemical waves,

plastic beaches,

and toxic skies,

I wish to return

to the days that once were;

with clear waters,

sandy beaches,

and blues skies

Please let me be,

please let this be a nightmare

stirred by unconscious

and twisted events,

created by my weary brain.