The ocean dares me to take a chance

and leap from where I stand.

The ragged and sharp rocks below

leer at my hesitation,

like sharp teeth awaiting me to fall into their midst.

The determined wind

howles with steady frustration

nudging me ever closer to the edge.

The grass caresses my feet

pleading for me to stay

while trees wave a wistful goodbye

with their branches.

The sun peeks through a curtain of clouds

ready for me to join its lonely place in the sky.

I look down again

at the far ocean shore

with the sun glimmering upon its surface.

Beautiful and bright

with all its glory,

hundreds of feet between me and it.

Then I lean over the edge,

far over,

and dive.

I plummet to the earth

fast and lethal,

wings tight to my sides

I wait

and wait,

and wait.

I spread my wings only a frightening distance

from the ground.

I soar,

I fly,

like the eagle I am.

Mighty and strong,

like the king I am soon to be.