Dance Ball of the Fake

The fluttering costumes with colours of the sun

Yet under its shine and glamour, there is none

But still they continue their dance

With smiles plastered onto their faces with fake romance.


For what is important in a world where no one loves

With hands hidden behind white, black and grey gloves.

They shall hide behind their masks and shadows,

And I will continue dancing in a world without tomorrows.


But one day my hand will uncover my own

To reveal that my life shall not be alone

But ‘til then I’ll hide behind the curtain

‘Til one day I’ll find that one person for certain


That’s what I thought for years and years,

Eating all my heartbreak and Drinking all my tears

Yet now you are standing in front of my very eyes,

And only now, I seem to realise…


I’ve lied, I’ve stolen and I’ve cried.

Countless dreams and hope hidden behind my pride

But now seeing your musical laughter and enchanting smile

Makes me forget to loathe the world and me for a while.


The tears I’ve hid start to fall,

The fears and chains have turned to nothing at all.

The heat of the summertime is finally getting to me,

Finally the regrets, the fear, and the fury have all left me.


Now what has it left

Is the real question here.

A warm feeling in my chest,

Reminding me of a song that used to be sung into my ear.


Standing up and swallowing down my pride,

Coming out from the curtains where I used to hide

Now, how to sing that song again, I finally know,

As I walk up to you and say my first “Hello”.