Chess Club Team Profile


This past week, the FIS chess club had its first meeting of the year. 20 students attended the meeting where Eric introduced the club and initiated a series of friendly chess matches. To find out more about the chess club and what they wish to achieve throughout the year, I sat down with Eric for an interview.

Why did you decide to start the chess club?

Eric: “I noticed there were lots of kids playing chess during lunch and break and I wanted to organize them so we could all play chess together in an organized manner. It seemed like a shame that there were so many people interested but no official chess club.”

What do you guys have planned?

Eric: “We will be running a chess tournament on the week of the 25th, where we hope to get all members involved and playing against each other. What we decided was that the winner of the tournament would become the new president of the club. I think it’s a good idea because it gives people motivation to do well and have a say in the future of the chess club. We also bought 10 chess boards for the team to use during the meetings. We have a lot planned for the future and hope to pick up new members as we go.”

What is your mission statement?

Eric: “We hope to promote friendly competition and critical thinking through weekly chess meetings and tournaments.”

What type of people would enjoy this experience (ages, experience level)?

Eric: “I think that people from all ages and all skill levels would enjoy the chess club. No matter your background, you will definitely learn something by participating.”

What do your meetings consist of?

Eric: “Our meetings consist of a quick rundown of any updates and then we go straight into playing chess.”

Where do you meet?

Eric: “We meet in room 326 every Wednesday during lunch. Anyone is welcome to stop by at any time.”

The chess club has had an amazing start, they now hope to sustain the membership and grow their influence across FIS.