Becoming a Journalist

In an era of digital media, fake news and a diversely changing platform how does one become a journalist? Is it still worth it?


The million-dollar question; something we in the FISH ask ourselves daily. But, is there really an answer?

Journalism is a continuously intertwining profession, colliding with everything new and trying to keep up with today’s digital society.

The business isn’t dying as so many of my peers claim, it is however undergoing massive changes. With the introduction of the internet, much of traditional journalism is ‘dying out’ if you will. Gone are movements of specific print- and TV-only news, but the news cycle has a completely new, 24-7 hour time window.

Hence, my first advice on becoming a journalist: adaptability it key. Journalists are now required to think “online” amongst many platforms, something we as young people have been growing up with. Regardless of interest in specific print or broadcast media, journalists need to be all-rounded more than ever.

Although the job is changing, the underlying principles do not. Journalism is still, and will most likely always be a profession for nosey, cheeky people who like to write and ask questions. There is no better way to reflect this interest than by getting out there. In a recent interview with writer Helen Kloeppel, she mentioned the hardest and most important step in becoming a journalist is “getting your foot in the door”. May that be writing more, reading more, putting things into publication or letting yourself be heard, these are all invaluable sources of initiating and preparing for a journalism career.

By distinguishing yourself from other applicants that too are interested in the same position as you, you need to have developed skills that will allow you to present yourself. Becoming experienced and comfortable with a specific media tool or two might just be the key in reflecting your skills, entrepreneurship and interest.

Finally, what every individual and online source will tell you, don’t be afraid of the future or change. Journalism is a career involving many alterations making it that much more interesting.

So yes, journalism is still worth it. The world will always need journalists, they just need to adapt a bit.

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