An Unlikely IB Stress Reliever


The International Baccalaureate Programme is a very rigorous course that 80% of the graduating Class of 2019 participate in. The IB Programme is very time consuming and at times it can be overwhelming and it’s very important that we can maintain a balanced life. There are various ways to maintain good marks and a social life, I know it may seem unachievable because of the daunting task that need to be completed but with hard work ethic and time management, anything is possible! As a grade 11 student, the next year will be a work heavy year! One of the ways I relieve stress is by having a movie night with friends or just staying in and watching a movie. Usually, I try to work ahead throughout the week and then on Fridays, I’ll have a childhood movie night and we’ll have food and laugh and it almost makes us all forget about schoolwork…until the next morning of course. Then on Saturday, I have to usually go to work and I do my job and schoolwork and by the end of the night I usually FaceTime with my friends back home and talk with them. By Sunday morning, all my work for the weekend is done and I usually sleep or I watch more movies. Being social in the IB Programme is achievable, it’s all about balance and understanding that grades at the end of the day, are a number on a scale and that they will never define who you are. I know it may sound very cheesy and some ending of a Disney movie, but it’s very important to remember that there’s more to life than studying every minute of everyday and to find that balance of using your time correctly and responsibly. Don’t let me fool you though, I would be a liar if I said that I never procrastinate because I do! All humans do, it’s how we operate and it’s okay but we need to know that relaxing and maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit are very important in surviving the IB Programme.