An Introduction to Crystallography


Ever wondered why we find the energy from a rose quartz so powerful? For me it’s a regular discussion I have with crystal enthusiasts. Some believe that it is an ayurvedic (all natural and holistically healing) method to how we can feel better in terms of mood and harnessing the energy within us. In reality we find the entrancing patterns and shapes that these crystals come in more intriguing than its purpose.

Crystallography may be a new term that should be added to your dictionary, it is the study of crystals along with the molecular structures of a variety of crystals. What we know about crystals is that they are made out of atoms, molecules and ions that go together in repeating patterns. These patterns help in creating the rigid and unique shapes of a variety of crystals. This science requires the knowledge of not only chemists but biologists and physicists alike.

This science was discovered by Röntgen and demonstrated through a series of experiments the existence of the patterns in crystals. To understand these patterns, it required the use of X-rays and looking at the diffraction pattern of crystals. Where, diffraction is the slight bending of light as it passes through the edge of an object. Röntgen demonstrated that X-rays are electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 100 nanometers and that the internal structure of crystals is regular, as if they had tiny slits of that order of magnitude, formed by the distances between atoms. With this experiment we learned about two phenomena: X-rays are waves of electromagnetic radiation and crystals behave as diffraction slits.

But honestly, what does this have to do with healing crystals?  Well one can hypothesise that the colour and shape of the crystal can calm us or even make us stronger. A few examples include, rose quartz, Amethyst and Goldstone. Rose quartz, being the most favourable to all is known to have the most prominent energy in terms of heart-healing properties. Amethyst is intended for focus and can give off calming energies in times of stress. Goldstone is to ensure a “golden future”, which speaks greatly towards those who want to become the next millionaire tycoons.