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Kognity at FIS: Student Responses

Kognity at FIS: Student Responses

March 30, 2020

This learning tool was introduced to students in early January as “an online textbook and learning resource that offers comprehensive coverage of many Group 3-5 subjects. [Kognity] offers guidance in approaching exams and assessments as well as explaining key concepts and topics”. At first glance, this seems to be something that could be extremely useful for IB students, but just how useful is this software? 


The IB: A Balancing Act

November 17, 2019

As a student enrolled in the IB program, I am concerned that in creating some of the best students, you forgot about the people taking the program. I am one of many  students across the world currently trying to fill the IB requirements. With my six courses of choice, as well as TOK, I have a fairly busy schedule. I have two years to learn the content and prepare for the exams. On top of that, you want me to demonstrate balance in all the other aspects of my life.  How am I supposed to find time for the other parts of my life when I am busy managing the academic part of it?

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