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Old Ocean Beasts

March 14, 2017

Long ago lived a whale species, Pacific waters they roamed Bones white and ashen, but skin unknown. Their heads brow shaped like domes   Diving through the canyons to feed, Used a ‘click’ to find their food. Seals and sharks and smaller whales Albicetus had ensued   These predators were hunted too, Human whalers wanted wax. Moby Dick rammed their boats, Scattered, they at...

Oh, What a Lovely Day to Be Out!

Albertina Holmquist - Grade 10

March 14, 2017

I taste cigarettes, coffee, something sweet As I turn around the corner The place is crowded with humans today Spitting out ear-deafening words of nonsense Oh, what a lovely day to be out! The roaring cars race by, one after the other One second they are there, the next they are gone I am carrying the strenuous weight of the scorching and sizzling sun on my shoulders Oh, what a lovely day to be out!   Th...

Mr Wisniewski’s Exciting Day

Nina Miletic

March 14, 2017

Mr Wisniewski picked at the brown wood on the bench he was sitting on. The sun was shining and the birds were singing in the garden, although he didn’t seem to take in any of the beauty. Mr Wisniewski jumped at the sight of his daughter bringing him a cup of tea. “Here you go Dad.” “You startled me. I didn’t hear the whistle of the kettle.” “Remember we use the new ones now?” Anna giggled, her eyes brightenin...

Sea Creature

Isabel Monteiro Bühlmeier - Grade 6

March 14, 2017

I remember when I was about four years old, I went on an adventure! I saw things that are not supposed to walk on this planet amongst us. I think the adventure started when I just turned four... “Julie!” Father cried. “Did you catch any fish yet?” I peered into the crystal clear water. “Not yet!” I shouted back. I looked into the water again. I saw the biggest fish I’ve ever seen! It had a long mint green tail...

No More Excuses

Helen Weber - Grade 11

March 14, 2017

My steps echo through the empty hallway and I stop to let the sounds be absorbed by the pale walls of my apartment complex. Seconds pass and finally everything is quiet. Just the soft buzz of the A/C can be heard and the occasional cough from old Mr. Cronshaw. Huffing, I tip-toe over to his front door and press my ear against the hard and splintered wood. I hear his coffee machine and the hum of his computer. He’s home, I...

Depart not, ‘til we’re through

Matlhomola Freddy Tumaeletse, Kalahari Poet

February 13, 2017

I look back on those times and smile Because you’re a special friend from old I entreated you then to stay a while Depart not, ‘til we’re through   Remember the first day that we met Your parents brought you to me with purpose But you shivered with nerves and I sighed Depart not, ‘til we’re through   I watched you shying away from others Hesitant to play and scared of ...

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