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May 2, 2017

The Woods of War – Grade 10

Jessic Butler, Well Writer

March 24, 2017

  I am walking. Walking on a frail path, from death to life. The way is unclear, filled with twists and turns. Obstructions around every corner, a root under each footstep, snags that attack each particle of clothing. Debris is all around, as are dead bodies. I lift my foot from a face, it smiles. Staggering I whisper, I can never forget that face. The face replies; memories all drift pulled by the current of time....


Geeju Kwon - Grade 10, Well Writer

March 24, 2017

Summer’s high noon breach, The Bustling crowd stomps about With minds and voices together as each Throwing tension in the haze they shout,   Our colorful caps catch the sun, Road apples rolls through the square Your proud sons carry father’s gun They walk with a desiring flare   Spunky boys tumbling on the ground, They must like the salty mud They take their time fooling around, For...


March 24, 2017

The film is heavy and thick. I pull it out of its slumber, expecting it to snarl at me.   I spin it on the reel, a satisfied click as it rusts into place. The summing sound escapes the machine.  ...

The Meaning of Life

Justina Nelly Michaels - Grade 6, Well Writer

March 23, 2017

Sometimes I ponder The meaning of life   I went yonder I asked my wife   Nobody told me It didn’t suffice   I asked a bee Its answer wasn’t precise   I need a solution I told myself   A resolution I kicked a shelf   Then out of the blue Came a thought   The next day I lay in bed with the flu And something, is what i ...

Dance Ball of the Fake

Seoeun Choi (Sunny) - Grade 9, Well Writer

March 23, 2017

The fluttering costumes with colours of the sun Yet under its shine and glamour, there is none But still they continue their dance With smiles plastered onto their faces with fake romance.   For what is important in a world where no one loves With hands hidden behind white, black and grey gloves. They shall hide behind their masks and shadows, And I will continue dancing in a world without tom...

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